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Finding that special someone with the same condition as you – perhaps you can find some joy and happiness in dealing with tinnitus.

My name is Chip Leakas – I have severe tinnitus.

Chip Leakas
Chip Leakas – Founder of TinnitusDating.com

I have joined many online “tinnitus support groups” to learn about all aspects of tinnitus – most importantly – how it affects us.

The one thing I noticed in many of the posts on social media – is a real desire to connect with people and to be UNDERSTOOD – regarding what we are experiencing with tinnitus.

That desire for connection – and to be understood – can best be bridged by people who have the same condition as you – who have tinnitus!

And therefore – I created a website where people from all over can connect with people who have tinnitus too!

TinnitusDating.com is for anyone hoping to meet someone with tinnitus – to chat, message, email maybe meet, connect, and more.

It’s FREE to join and create a profile.

Starting in the fall of 2021, we will begin accepting members for free – and testing all of the “features and functions” of the site – its capabilities – and what users would like to see and have when it comes to online dating sites.

So please JOIN NOW – and share this website with anyone (and EVERYONE) you know who is suffering from tinnitus.

Please post a LINK to this website on social media and in any social media groups that may be interested.

Do you have suggestions on how this site could be improved?

Please use the contact us form or email [email protected]

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