TinnitusDating.com User Features

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TABLE of FEATURES – SCROLL to read details – see examples

1. basic search14. advanced search27. save search
2. near me15. meet me28. trending
3. status update16. media sharing29. matches
4. match alert17. my friends30. viewed me / I viewed
5. alerts18. who’s online31. simple registration
6. real-time chat19. virtual gifts32. user privacy
7. group chat20. permalinks33. member blocking
8. purchase credits21. date tracker34. Skype chat integration
9. online filter by gender22. user stories35. profile commenting
10. enhanced email23. spam control36. private media
11. rate my profile24. grouped emails37. easy upgrade
12. interest cloud35. couples profiles38. supports multiple languages
13. delete comments26. Delete gifts39. PayPal subscription and recurring payments

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Basic Search

Tinnitus Dating users can search for other members of your dating site.

Search by distance, zip codes (US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark), cities, and countries.


Advanced Search

Tinnitus Dating can extend your basic search by searching based on all your profile drop-down questions.

Saved Search

Anytime Tinnitus Dating creates a search, you can save it with a name and come back to it later for a quicker search.

save search

Near Me

Tinnitus Dating users can find members that are near to them geographically.

Tinnitus Dating use Google Geotargeting and the user’s IP Address.


Meet Me

Tinnitus Dating users can click on profile photos and answer Yes or No whether they want to meet that user or not.

The accepted members will get an email about the interest and they can approach the user for dating.



Tinnitus Dating uUsers can see the trending profiles that have the most Friends, Winks, Flirts, Favorites, and Emails.

The trending profiles can be filtered by gender as well.

Status Update

Tinnitus Dating users can add their Status Update to their profile.

Once approved, it will be displayed on their profile for others to see.


Media Sharing

Tinnitus Dating Members can upload Photos, Galleries, Audio Files, and Video Files.

Audio and Video files are streamed from the user’s profile page.


Based on the Profile Questions, Tinnitus Dating users get a list of profiles that match what they might be looking for. The profile questions can be added and edited by the admin.


Match Alert

Tinnitus Dating users can now receive email Match Alerts.

These can be sent Daily, Weekly or Monthly and can even be disabled by the end-user.


My Friends

Tinnitus Dating users can add other users as Friends.

Any Tinnitus Dating Friend that is added will automatically become available in the “To” field when composing a new email.

Friends page

Viewed Me/I Viewed

Tinnitus Dating users can simply find the profiles they have viewed on “I Viewed” and the users who have viewed their profiles on “Viewed Me”.

Users can see who they viewed and who viewed them.


When the Tinnitus Dating users have new friends, emails, winks, gifts, and others, they will get alerts when they log in.

Users get alerts for friend requests, views, and gifts

Who’s Online

Shows all the Tinnitus Dating users that are currently active on your dating website.

Tinnitus Dating users can filter who’s online by gender and age.

Users can filter Who’s Online by gender.

Simple Registration

Tinnitus Dating users simply have to enter a username and their email address and then, a password is automatically sent to them. This assures that email addresses are correct.

Tinnitus Dating users can also register with a Facebook login.


Real-time Chat

With Tinnitus Dating Text Chat Add-on, your users can chat one-to-one in real-time with other members. 

Tinnitus Dating can share emojis and photos.

Virtual Gifts

Tinnitus Dating members can convey love to other members with virtual gifts.

Tinnitus Dating Virtual gifts can be made to appear or hide on the member’s profile page.

User Privacy

Tinnitus Dating users can set their own Privacy Options to allow for Everyone or Friends Only.

These are set for viewing profiles, photos, galleries, audio, and video.

Group Chat

Tinnitus Dating users can message with a group of users on Group Chat page. 

Group Chat


Tinnitus Dating pages will have user and SEO-friendly URLs.

Tinnitus Dating users can directly open any member’s profile by entering the username after /members/ on the URL.

Member Blocking

Tinnitus Dating Members can block other unwanted members from viewing their profiles, and interacting with them in any form.

Purchase Credits

Tinnitus Dating Users can purchase credits to send emails or gifts.

Tinnitus Dating will set the price and the number of emails or gifts they can send per credit.

Date Tracker

Tinnitus Dating users can track the dates they’ve been on with other members.

View the member’s profile, click on the “Date Tracker” icon, and the profile will be added to the Date tracking list that they can view from their own profile.

Skype Chat Integration

Tinnitus Dating users can now Skype back and forth with each other via their profile.

Tinnitus Dating Users can set the active skype to be shown to everyone or just those on their Friends list.

Integrate Skype with WP Dating plugin and chat with Friends

Online Filter by Gender

Tinnitus Dating Users can filter Who’s Online by gender.

This is great for users that don’t want to see their same gender in the Online area.

Users can filter Who’s Online by gender.

User Stories

Tinnitus Dating will post success stories of Tinnitus Dating members along with photos from the admin area.


Profile Commenting

Tinnitus Dating Users can comment on the other member’s profiles.

Admin and the respective member will have to approve the comments to display them on their profiles.

Enhanced Email

Tinnitus Dating users have an enhanced email inbox complete with composing, sent items, and deleted items.

Tinnitus Dating Users can also email directly from a member’s profile.


Spam Control

Tinnitus Dating Admin can filter out spam words in emails.

For example, if a user emails another member and talks about Nigeria, Millions, Bank Account, those words can be filtered out.

Private Media

Tinnitus Dating users can set their profile photos, galleries, audio, and videos to private.

When set to private, only those users that are in their Favorites list can view the private media.

Make your album private

Rate my Profile

When your users view a profile, they can rate it on a number from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best.

Profile Rate Results are also displayed.

Grouped Emails

All emails related to a user are grouped in a single conversation.

Simply click on the user to see all the emails that have been sent/received.

Easy Upgrade

Tinnitus Dating users can easily upgrade the membership level from their profile page.

Interest Cloud

Tinnitus Dating users can click on the Interest Cloud to find the profiles that have the same interests.

You can also filter the Interest Cloud by gender.

Couple’s Profiles

Tinnitus Dating Users that want to register and create a Couple profile can do so. By selecting a “Couple” as their profile base, it will dynamically create “My Profile” and “Partners Profile” tabs for viewing split Couple’s profiles.


Supports Multiple Languages

Tinnitus Dating can connect with your global audience in their native languages. *COMING SOON FALL 2021

We have integrated the Tinnitus Dating plugin which helps you to translate the site using .PO files with SEO-friendly links.

Delete Comments

Tinnitus Dating Users have the ability to delete comments that they previously approved.

Delete Gifts

Tinnitus Dating users have the ability to delete virtual gifts that they have previously approved.

You have the option to delete gifts you previously approved

Paypal Subscription and Recurring Payments

Tinnitus Dating will automatically renew recurring subscriptions by clicking on the Subscribe button.

*membership prices are shown here effective 9/28/2021 – subject to change
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